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Relink- transitional assistance for men and women preparing to exit prison

VACRO is delivering the new Pre-Release Program for the Victorian prison system funded by Corrections Victoria .  The program began on January 1st 2015 offering a range of facilitated group sessions in most prisons and individual support for prisoners who are serving longer sentences or facing more complex issues. The funding for Relink responds to former High Court Judge Mr Ian Callinan's review of the parole system.

For further information about this program, download the brochure about  Relink for Women or Relink for Men

VACRO is excited by the opportunity to work collaboratively with Jesuit Social Services, the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service and the Australian Community Support Organisation. VACRO also looks forward to working with organisations and individuals in Victorian communities in implementing both programs. This will include the Regional Department of Justice; prison services and community-based services in areas such as mental health, housing, drug and alcohol support. Together, these networks can work to achieve better outcomes for both families and the communities that prisoners are returning to.

Post release- transitional assistance for men and women exiting prison

This is a voluntary support program for adult males and females being released from prison, who would like help settling back into the community. Participants are given a post release worker who will assist them to identify, develop and achieve their goals. A key aim of the program is to assist the participant's transition from prison into the community and to reduce the chances that they return to prison. To be eligible for the program, a person must have a higher than normal risk of reoffending. In most cases, a person needs to be referred into the program, prior to their release by a Corrections Victoria assessment worker. These workers are located at each prison.

VACRO'S Post Release program provides support in the Barwon Region (i.e. Geelong and surrounding areas)  and the Grampians Region (i.e. Horsham, Ararat and Ballarat). There are other service providers who deliver the same program in Metropolitan Melbourne and other Victorian regions. This program is funded by Corrections Victoria.

VACRO Women’s Mentoring Program (VWMP) social support for women exiting prison or on Community Correctional Orders.

VACRO recognized that social connectedness is vital for women transitioning into the community. In response to this VACRO developed the VWMP which mentoring program to support women exiting the prison system and those on community orders.. The overall aim of VWMP is to assist women to reintegrate back into the community through the provision of support by voluntary female mentors. The mentoring relationships and their relational qualities underpin the effectiveness of VWMP in making a difference to the female offender’s ability to successfully reintegrate into the community. The mentors in the VWMP take on a very special role in supporting this marginalised and often overlooked client group. Now in its twelfth year, this program was initially funded through philanthropic trusts but in 2007 it became part the Department of Justice Women’s Policy Unit.  For further information download the brochure.This program is funded through Better Pathways - Corrections Victoria.

VWMP Ambassador Carmel Benjamin

CCaTS Program - helps address the increase in women's imprisonment.

Is an initiative of Better Pathways (2005) the Victorian government's strategy to address the increase in women's imprisonment. The program aims to assist women offenders who are on supervised Community Correctional Orders to successfully complete these Orders. This is achieved through the provision of practical support, including financial assistance, so that women offenders can meet the mandatory requirements of their Orders.  CCaTS is designed to deliver practical assistance to women at a time when failure to comply with an order will have serious negative consequences for these women and any children in their care.  For further information download the brochure here. Click  for resources for Individuals in Contact with the Criminal Justice System


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