The Aboriginal Family Visits Program recognises the importance of maintaining family relationships and links with community while in prison. ‘Family’ includes anyone on a person’s visitation list.

How it works

Relationships don’t stop when someone goes to prison. But time and distance make communication difficult, and family relationships can suffer. The Aboriginal Family Visits Program provides targeted, practical assistance to ease the pressures of incarceration and costs of visiting on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Financial assistance is available to families who have to travel a significant distance between their home and the prison. It’s available to people in prison in Victoria and their families, who don’t have to be living in Victoria themselves.

For family members living in Victoria, assistance is available for one visit every six weeks. The program provides a maximum of five bus or train tickets, or petrol cost reimbursement where public transport is unavailable or impractical. VACRO may also assist families with accommodation costs for an overnight visit when the prison is more than three hours of travel time away from home.

For family members living interstate, a parcel of funding is available each year. VACRO can help you understand what support may be available for your family.

"This program is wonderful. My children were able to stay connected with their dad. It would not have been possible without your program." – former Aboriginal Family Visits Program participant.

More information

Why Aboriginal Family Visits

Distance and cost should never be a reason for families being unable to visit people in prison.


All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in prison are eligible to receive visits. All family members on an incarcerated person’s visitation list are eligible to visit.


Referrals to the Aboriginal Family Visits Program are made by a prison’s Aboriginal Liaison Officer to VACRO. Families are also welcome to contact VACRO directly for assistance.


Aboriginal Family Visits Program brochure


The Aboriginal Family Visits Program is funded by the Department of Justice and Community Safety — Corrections Victoria.