Maintaining strong relationships with children while in prison is important for building strong family ties.

But travelling to visit in-person at prisons can be expensive, take time, and make children feel stressed. Video Visits provides a chance for a child to ‘visit’ their parent in prison through a direct digital link to a phone, tablet or computer from the comfort of their home.

Video visits are not a “second best” option. In the comfort of their own home, children open up more and develop deeper relationships with their parents. That’s why all families should have access to both video and in-person visits.

How it works

With a Video Visit, a child has the chance to visit their parent in prison from the comfort of their own home — giving parents and their children an important opportunity to spend time together. VACRO staff liaise with families to understand children’s specific needs, communicate with the prison to set up the visit, and provide technical support to help the visit run. From a well-known and comfortable space, the child has the chance to ‘visit’ their parent, who in turn has valuable time alone with their child.

We offer support and debriefing for the family by telephone if required after the visit.

More information

Why Video Visits

Face-to-face visits in a safe, familiar environment strengthen family connections from the comfort of home.


Children and supervising family members who are on a person’s approved visitation list are eligible for a Video Visit.


Referrals to Video Visits are made by prion case workers to VACRO.


Video Visits is funded by by the Department of Justice and Community Safety through Corrections Victoria.