First-hand experience of the criminal justice system is a special kind of knowledge that enriches the work we do. Listening to people with lived experiences expresses solidarity and respect, while strengthening our understanding of the issues our work faces. In 2021, we started the process of building frameworks to formally channel these perspectives into our work.    

What we believe 
  • Lived experience is a valid and valuable way of knowing.  
  • Our works gets stronger when it’s influenced by people with lived experience.  
  • For people with lived experience, contributing to work like ours can be a powerful way of building self-esteem, garnering respect, and working for collective good. 
What we’re doing 

We’re carefully putting into place the frameworks and processes that will enable people with lived experience of the criminal justice system to:

  • Influence Vacro’s research and evaluation work,
  • Contribute to Vacro’s program development,
  • Inform Vacro’s advocacy towards changing systems.

With these frameworks in place, people with lived experience will help Vacro to ask better questions, design more useful services, and advocate for solutions that best reflect people’s needs.  

How to get involved 

To express your interest in being involved in this work, or to learn more, please contact Vacro’s Development Manager, Melanie Field-Pimm at [email protected].