The Parents and Families Program (PaF) offers family therapy, parent education and school holiday programs to help incarcerated parents strengthen their relationships with their children and families. PaF is a voluntary program running at the Judy Lazarus Transition Centre and Tarrengower Prison. It supports parents preparing to leave prison to reconnect with their children, strengthen their role in their family, and positively integrate back into their communities.

How it works

Maintaining strong relationships with children while in prison is crucial for building close family ties. But the stress of arrest and incarceration can strain family relationships. Personalised support from a qualified family counsellor can help families reconnect, heal, and strengthen relationships after a parent is released from prison.

PaF takes a multi-modal approach of child-focused individual, couple and family therapy sessions. It focuses on supporting the process of positive reintegration for parents through the strengthening of their parental and family roles and relationships.

More information

Why Parents and Families Program

Skilled support helps get family relationships on track after a parent returns home from prison.


People in Tarrengower Prison or the Judy Lazarus Transition Centre who have a child are generally eligible for Parents and Families Program.


Referrals to Parents and Families Program are made by prison case workers to the Vacro Parents and Families Program counsellors.


Fact sheets for children of people in prison


Parents and Families Program is funded by the Department of Justice and Community Safety — Corrections Victoria.