The Supporting Kids and Families program enables men in Victorian prisons and their families to prepare for his return to the community. 

The program is delivered by Vacro’s specialist family therapist, through a combination of individual and family-based therapeutic counselling sessions, parent-child interactions, and facilitated family meetings. 

It helps men accept that despite the trauma, marginalisation, and disconnection they have experienced, they have the power to change their lives – and in doing so, change the story for their children.  

How it works

Strong family connections is one of the key factors in a person’s successful return home from prison. But incarceration can put new pressures on families and open old wounds.  

Through family meetings, therapy, and facilitated time between parents and children, Supporting Kids and Families creates a space for people to express their fears, work through their problems, and build resilience. This helps equip a family with the skills and strengths they need to counter the challenges involved in a father’s return home from prison. 

Supporting Kids and Families is a child-centred, trauma-informed, and family violence-aware program that centres the child. It focuses on ensuring the best outcomes for children and easing experience of reintegration for every family member.  

More information

Why Supporting Kids and Families

Skilled support ensures families can successfully navigate a father’s transition home from prison. 


People at Beechworth Correctional Centre who are undertaking or have recently completed the Positive Parenting Program are generally eligible for Supporting Kids and Families. 


    Referrals to Supporting Kids and Families are made by programs team staff at Beechworth Correctional Centre to Vacro’s family therapist. 


    Supporting Kids and Families is funded by the Douglas Foundation.