Glenn’s experience working with Vacro pre-dates his role as Second Chance Jobs Program Manager. Back in 2015, Glenn held the role of Family Specialist. This previous experience with Vacro served him well in shortening the learning curve when he stepped into his current role.

Committed to growing the capacity of people with lived experience of the criminal justice system, Glenn says, “I believe the people who are closest to the problem are the people with answers to the problem.”

Glenn believes that what makes Second Chance Jobs unique in the employment space is that employers are not only aware of the participants’ history in the criminal justice system but are supportive and understanding as participants create their new beginnings.  “It’s a game-changer for the guys coming out of prison to have an employer who supports them in meeting the responsibilities of their community correction orders,” he says.

In addition to leading the Second Chance Jobs team, Glenn is focused on developing relationships with new and existing employment partners. Glenn’s vision is to expand the diversity of employment opportunities for participants into retail and the public sector.

It’s not all work-and-no-play for Glenn. Outside of Vacro, he can be found travelling exploring Australia via RV or cruise ship, gardening, or playing guitar and enjoying music.