ReLink is a voluntary program providing practical assistance and tailored support for life beyond prison. It prepares people to successfully reintegrate back into their communities, through facilitated group sessions and individual transition planning. ReLink is available for sentenced people assessed as having moderate to high needs up to 12 months prior to their release from prison.

Delivered state-wide, ReLink is a critical step in Corrections Victoria’s Reintegration Pathway towards life after prison. Vacro has delivered ReLink since 2015, and also delivers the post-release ReConnect program in select regions of Victoria. ReLink provides a safe space for people to hope and plan for a better future and ReConnect offers the support needed for those plans to take shape.

“I learnt from ReLink that there are many services I could connect to for ongoing support. I also learnt that I should be proactive in my own reintegration.” 

— former ReLink participant

How ReLink works

Many people face significant challenges in reintegrating back into their communities after their release from prison. ReLink supports people to build the life skills, confidence and responsibility required to successfully transition to and manage life outside. ReLink is a voluntary program driven by a person’s goals for themselves and their willingness to engage with support services.

Level One — group program: Eligible people participate in facilitated group sessions, which focus on practical life management strategies and behaviour modelling between peers. Group sessions involve an average of four to six participants. These sessions address participants’ strengths, the risks and challenges that they will face in returning to family and community, independent living skills, and succeeding on parole or corrections orders. At the end of Level One, each participant completes their own individual transition plan focusing on the areas they think will be most important post-release.  

Level Two — individual program: Individual transition case planning is available for people identified in the group program as having significant or more complex transitional needs. Individual sessions involve specific planning and goal setting, and result in achievable, personalised plans, including referrals to supports available in the community, for a person to work through after release.

“It was rewarding to see the participant’s realisation that his release from prison this time could be different. He was able to pre-plan what he saw his life priorities were going to be and consider what supports could be put in place to support him in achieving his goals.”

— Vanessa, reintegration coordinator

More information

Why ReLink

Tailored plans and strengths-focused solutions ease the transition from prison and make managing life outside achievable.


Participation in ReLink is voluntary and is available to eligible people up to 12 months prior to their release. Women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, sentenced prisoners released after a sentence of more than 12 months, serious and sexual violent offenders, parolees and those with Imprisonment Corrections Orders are eligible to participate in ReLink. 


Referrals to ReLink are made by  Assessment Transition Coordinators in the prison to Vacro’s ReLink team.


ReLink for men brochure


ReLink is funded by the Department of Justice and Community Safety — Corrections Victoria.