We know that strong family connections are key to a person's successful return home from prison. Our specialised family therapists help people who are involved in the criminal justice system, and their families (including young children), to reconnect, heal, and strengthen their relationships.

The journey from a person's incarceration to returning home can put new and unexpected pressures on the individual and the different members of their family, in different ways.

For parents in prison, maintaining strong relationships with children is crucial for building close family ties. At the same time, kids need to be supported in their own way.

Our Family Therapy Program supports parents on both sides of the prison gate, along with their families.

How it works

The Family Therapy Program is delivered by our specialised family therapists, through a multi-modal approach of individual and family-based therapeutic sessions, parent-child interactions, and facilitated family meetings. 

The sessions assist families to strengthen their relationships through expressing their fears, working through problems, and strengthen their own coping skills. Each member of the family has the chance to equip themselves with the skills and strengths they need to counter the challenges involved in a person's return home from prison.

Our Family Therapy Program is child-centred, trauma-informed, and family violence aware. It focuses on ensuring the best outcomes to ease the experience of reintegration for every family member.

More information

Why Family Therapy

Specialised support helps families get on track before and after a parent returns home from prison.


People at Beechworth Correctional Centre who are undertaking or have recently completed the Positive Parenting Program are generally eligible.

People in Tarrengower Prison or the Judy Lazarus Transition Centre who have a child are generally eligible. 


Referrals to the Family Therapy Program are made by programs team staff at Beechworth Correctional Centre to Vacro's family therapist.

At Tarrengower Prison, referrals are made by the Family Engagement Team to Vacro's family therapist.

At the Judy Lazarus Transition Centre, referrals are made by prison case workers to Vacro's family therapists.


The Family Therapy Program is funded by the Douglas Foundation and the McNamee Foundation.

More information

For more information, please contact Victoria Stein, Family Program Manager at [email protected]