VACRO advocates for systemic change that leads to a fairer justice system for all. In 2021, our policy priorities are as follows.

Fewer people going to prison
  • Reform bail laws
  • Increase diversion
Better treatment and support for people in prison
  • Better physical and mental health treatment
  • Better qualified prison staff with improved training
  • Increased accountability and transparency
Better post-prison support for successful community integration
  • Increase funding support to extend ReConnect
  • Increase support for families
  • Increase housing support
  • Improve access to jobs and training
  • Introduce a spent conviction scheme
  • Reduce stigma through community education

VACRO advocates for these policy priorities in submissions and testimony to inquiries, through direct advocacy, and by engaging on issues in traditional and social media.

VACRO policy contact

Abigail Lewis, Senior Policy and Advocacy Advisor, [email protected]

Please note that requests from students relating to policy and advocacy should be sent to VACRO's student placement page