Our resources are designed to provide practical information and personal support. You're welcome to share these resources for non-commercial purposes with credit to VACRO.

VACRO program brochures

Read and download brochures for VACRO programs.

ReLink for men

ReLink for women

Aboriginal Family Visits Program

Child Care and Transport Subsidy

Getting Started

A series of 10 brochures introducing people to the criminal justice system and life beyond prison. 

  1. The first week
  2. Housing
  3. Identification
  4. Alcohol and other drugs
  5. Centrelink
  6. Community corrections and parole
  7. Employment
  8. Returning to family
  9. Women's transition
  10. Indigenous transition

Resources in languages other than English

We're pleased to offer fact sheets in Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese and Pasifika languages.

Arabic resources

Chinese resources

Vietnamese resources

Pasifika resources

 Resources for a person with a criminal record

Criminal record information brochure

How to find a job when you have a criminal record, ABC Life article