ReConnect proactively supports men to successfully settle back into their communities after being released from prison.

It's a voluntary program that provides assertive outreach and practical assistance to ease the pressures of returning home. Our in-prison program, ReLink, provides a safe space for people to hope and plan for a better future for themselves and their families. ReConnect provides the support needed for those plans to take shape.

ReConnect is available to eligible sentenced men who work one-on-one with a post-release case manager to develop and achieve their transition goals. Through ReConnect, men leaving prison can successfully reintegrate back into their communities.

“We have the potential to empower individuals to live better, more fulfilling lives, which can grow the strength of their family, and the overall fabric of the community. In ReConnect, some of the most rewarding work is supporting fathers to regain control of their own lives so they can build better relationships with their children.”

– Finn, ReConnect case manager.

How ReConnect works

Returning home from prison can present people with new and different challenges.

ReConnect provides individualised, flexible and intensive support to people leaving men's prisons with high and complex transitional needs through three streams:

  • Brief reintegration stream: one to three months of post-release support. Focused on participants with more immediate transition needs that can be addressed through brief, targeted interventions. 
  • Extended reintegration stream: up to six months of post-release support for participants with more complex needs.
  • Intensive reintegration stream: up to nine months of post-release support. Focused on participants with more entrenched and complex needs, as well as those who are tenants of Corrections Victoria Supported Housing Program (CVSHP) properties.

This support starts before a person leaves prison. ReConnect uses a throughcare approach – understanding that successful transition support begins in custody and continues into the community. Participants start ReConnect eight weeks prior to release and meet their ReConnect case manager before leaving prison.

Vacro’s role

Our approach to delivering ReConnect is driven by each participant’s individual transitional needs, their preferred approach, the circumstances in their community, and their relationship with their case manager. Everyone’s needs are different, and our support reflects this.

ReConnect is a critical step in Corrections Victoria’s Reintegration Pathway towards life after prison. It’s delivered by geographical region, to highlight the importance of regional support, and to maximise people’s connections with their local support services.

Vacro delivers ReConnect in three areas of Victoria:

  • Barwon South West: covering Geelong and surrounds, Colac, Warrnambool and Portland,
  • Grampians: covering Horsham, Ararat, Ballarat and Bacchus Marsh, and
  • Loddon Mallee: covering Bendigo, Kerang, Echuca, Robinvale, Swan Hill, and Mildura.

We work with other community organisations to deliver ReConnect across Victoria. Corrections Victoria’s post-release services page provides information about accessing ReConnect in other areas of Victoria. You’re welcome to contact us if you’re not sure of the support available in your area.

More information

Why ReConnect

Transition support is a lifeline for people in the challenging time immediately after release from prison.


People are eligible if they are:

  • Sentenced to more than three months in prison,
  • Assessed as High Risk,
  • Assessed as High Need.

Women and Aboriginal people are eligible if they:

  • Sentenced to more than three months in prison,
  • Assessed as High Risk,
  • Assessed as Moderate to High Need.

To be eligible for ReConnect a person must have a sentence of over three months and be assessed as high risk of re-offending and high needs as per Corrections Victoria's Reintegration Assessment. 


Referrals to ReConnect are made by prison-based Assessment and Transition Coordinators (ATCs) to Vacro.

ReConnect Brochure


Corrections Victoria Reintegration Pathway


ReConnect is funded by the Department of Justice and Community Safety — Corrections Victoria.