Second Chance Coffee offers practical work experience to people on community corrections orders, parole, and day release from prison.

Professional hospitality staff work alongside participants referred by Corrections Victoria, who learn work-ready hospitality skills while fulfilling the requirements of their orders.

Second Chance Coffee is a social enterprise made possible by the support of the North East Link consortium.

How it works

Community corrections orders help keep people out of the cycle of prison. By completing court-ordered hours in their communities, people can give back, build skills, and successfully complete their orders. Second Chance Coffee is one place where this happens.

On-the-job experience at Second Chance Coffee helps people fulfil their hours while building work-ready skills for a new chance at work. Participants serve real customers, handling cash, making coffees and serving great food. They grow their confidence, knowledge and skills over the course of their order, working alongside professional baristas and clocking up hundreds of hours of hospitality experience. Completion improves their confidence to make it happen.

More information

Why Second Chance Coffee

Work-ready skills turn mandatory community service hours into something meaningful.


Second Chance Coffee is available to anyone sentenced to a Community Corrections Order, or who has community service as a condition of their parole.


Participants are referred to Second Chance Coffee by Community Corrections staff. 


Second Chance Coffee gives people a fresh start, SBS Food, 11 May 2017


Second Chance Coffee is a social enterprise made possible by the support of the North East Link consortium.