VACRO conducts and commissions research that informs the design and development of our programs. Our work is based on evidence, informed by best practice, and responds to the needs of the people we serve.

 We partner with universities, government departments, community organisations and the wider research community to design sector-leading programs that directly support people in contact with the criminal justice system. Here's, we've collected a selection of our previous work.

Integrating the Indefensible (2017)

Reforms will only achieve so much while they remain disconnected from what happens in communities. We asked the Centre for Innovative Justice to review our current practices in providing community-based support to sexual and serious violent offenders. Their research report contains the Centre’s recommendations for change in light of pending reforms.

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Parenting Status of Community Corrections Clients (2013)

When a parent ends up in the criminal justice system, children become uniquely vulnerable to many forms of harm and marginalisation. This report proposes a framework for collaborative action that reduces its impact. Published shortly after the 2012 report of the Protecting Victoria’s Vulnerable Children Inquiry, the report provides a targeted snapshot of parents in contact with Community Corrections Services in Victoria’s north-west.

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Next Generation on the Outside (2011)

Through no fault of their own, children suffer the consequences of the criminal justice system. This report represents VACRO’s ongoing commitment to research and service delivery that produces better outcomes for families and children of people involved in the criminal justice system. It examines the unintended adverse effects on families and children of offenders at each stage of contact with the ordinary functioning of the criminal justice system, and suggests a coordinated justice and community service response.

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Court-based Family Support (2009)

Many services exist to support defendants and victims in criminal trials. But little specialist support is available for families and children. This service model analyses existing demand and draws on international best practice to present novel specifications for a Magistrates Court family support, information and referral service.

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Children: Unintended Victims of Legal Processes (2007)

Children with parents in prison slip through the cracks of our policy and legislative regimes. This project thoroughly reviewed these gaps; interviewed mothers in prison, carers, police, judges and solicitors; and consulted with key stakeholders and interested parties to imagine a system-wide, interdepartmental set of policies and protocols to capture all children. We have an Executive Summary, Discussion Paper, and Action Paper available for this project.

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