The Family Visits Program supports strong family bonds through virtual video visits. It provides a way for people in prison to play a meaningful role in their family's lives and implement the skills and strategies introduced to cultivate significant relationships that lead to successful reintegration.

The Family Visits Program is a voluntary program running in men's and women's correctional centres. A video visit removes some of the environmental barriers of an in-person prison visit and allows families the opportunity to connect from the comfort of their own home. This program values any significant connections and an individual’s cultural and personal definition of family, and is available to connections that aren't biological relatives.

How it works

Strong family connections and positive new identities are important factors that can increase a person's desistance journey and ease the transition from prison to community. But incarceration can often fray family relationships, causing people to see themselves only as a prisoner and not as a purposeful family member. Through regular, meaningful visits, the Family Visits Program offers a unique way for this connection to heal and grow and continue to play an important role in their family.

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Why Family Visits Program

Keeping families connected when someone goes to prison improves outcomes for them and their families and makes whole communities safer and stronger.


People in Tarrengower Prison or Dame Phyllis Frost Centre who have more than one month but less than six months before their earliest release date, or people on remand with a court date within the next one to six months, are eligible for the Family Visits Program.

Vacro and Corrections Victoria value all close connections and an individual’s cultural and personal definition of family. The Family Visits Program will incorporate all significant connections in an individual’s life and can include dependents, one’s own parents, carers of children, siblings, partners, and close friends.


    Referrals to the Family Visits Program are made by prison Family Engagement Workers to the Vacro Family Visits Program Support Worker based at that prison.


    Family Visits Program is funded by the Department of Justice and Community Safety — Corrections Victoria.

    More information

    For more information about the Family Visits Program, please contact Victoria Stein, Family Programs Manager at [email protected]