The Families of Offenders Resource Kit (FORK) is a collection of 18 fact sheets designed to increase awareness and understanding of the impact of the criminal justice system on children and families.

It aims to build local service capacity to support ‘at-risk’ children and family members of incarcerated people, and strengthen support to families and communities.

We welcome shared non-commercial use of these resources with acknowledgement.

Read and download FORK fact sheets
  1. Sole parent through incarceration
  2. Childcare workers
  3. Dads on their own
  4. Young people in prison
  5. Supporting someone with a loved one in prison
  6. Grandparents as carers
  7. Young people as carers
  8. Health needs
  9. Family violence
  10. Impact of media coverage
  11. Same-sex relationships
  12. Problem gambling
  13. Homelessness
  14. Aboriginal communities
  15. Pacific Island communities
  16. African communities
  17. Vietnamese communities
  18. Guide for teachers and support staff