Time to Work Employment Service (TWES) is a national in-prison employment service for adult, sentenced Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in prison. It helps people access the support they need to prepare themselves to find employment upon their release from prison. Participation in TWES is voluntary, not mandatory.

How it works

TWES recognises the fundamental importance of having a job for people’s stability and connection and helps make finding work easier. TWES helps Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people anticipate the barriers to their future employment, develop transition-to-work plans, and move from prison to post-release employment service providers, to eventual employment. With support from a TWES engagement officer, a person can leave prison ready to find work.

With TWES, people will receive:

  • A comprehensive assessment of any barriers to their employment
  • Assistance to develop a detailed transition plan
  • A facilitated transfer from their in-prison service provider to their post-release employment service provider.

More information


Jobs help provide the stability needed for successful reintegration but are difficult to find when you’re just leaving prison.


Participation in TWES is not mandatory and is open to sentenced adults who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, and who are within three months of their release from prison.


Referrals to TWES are made by a prison’s Aboriginal Liaison Officer or Senior Education Officer to Vacro.


Department of Education, Skills and Employment website


TWES is supported by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment.