Q+A with Judy Wright

Meet our Specialist Housing Coordinator, Judy Wright, who connects prison leavers with the housing the makes all the difference. Read more

Q+A with Janis Constable

VACRO’s new Strategic HR Projects Consultant is strengthening diversity and inclusion to make our work better for everyone. Read more

Q+A with Chloe Thomson

VACRO Reintegration Coordinator Chloe Thomson support the men in Langi Kal Kal Prison plan for good lives after release. Read more

Q+A with Ryley Jackson

Meet our ReLink Reintegration Coordinator, Ryley Jackson, who supports people leaving Port Phillip Prison to plan for a second chance. Read more

Q+A with Georgia Morsley

VACRO’s new Specialist Disability Practitioner and Educator helps our team offer stronger support for participants with disabilities. Read more

Q+A with Carla Trezise

VACRO case manager Carla Trezise eases the transition back to community for people as they leave prison and return to Victoria’s west. Read more

Q+A with Kylie Fitowski

Meet our ReLink Reintegration Coordinator, Kylie Fitowski, who supports people leaving prison in Beechworth to plan for a second chance. Read more

Q+A with Alan Coe

VACRO’s Time to Work Indigenous Engagement Officer in Gippsland, Alan Coe, supports new beginnings for Indigenous prison leavers. Read more

Q+A with Horace Wansbrough

Meet our Parent and Family Counsellor, Horace Wansbrough, who strengthens family bonds to better support children. Read more