Knowing that having a good job was key to creating a new life, John was very motivated to secure employment upon release. During his sentence, he attended our work-readiness course and in time was referred to April, our Second Chance Jobs case manager.

Without a doubt, employment and housing are inextricably tied. John shared with April that his main goals, post-release, were to rent a house and to find steady work. However, he assumed he would be considered unemployable because of his criminal record. 

While John was in prison, April found several apartments that might suit him. He chose one, and then April liaised with John's friend to secure the lease in time for his return to community.

With a place to live secured, April introduced John to one of Vacro's trusted employers - who interviewed him while he was in prison - and ultimately gave John a Second Chance Job.

From his first day, John impressed his employer with his commitment and work ethic. However, those first few months after leaving prison were not without their challenges.

Fortunately for John, April checked in with him every second day and helped with practical things such as how to use a rice cooker, what to wear to work, and how to shop for clothes.

At the time of leaving prison, John was subject to a community corrections order, meaning he had to undertake community work. John didn't want to jeopordise his new job - the lifeline to his new beginning - so April reached out to John's community corrections worker and negotiated an arrangement that enabled John to meet his commitments of the order, and his job.

As John's confidence increased, he was keen to apply for a labouring role on a major rail site, and April arranged for Vacro to cover the costs of the additional training he required. Having upskilled, John applied for the role and was successful.

It's been more than a year since John first got involved with Second Chance Jobs. We are delighted to share that he continues to be employed at the rail site where he is a valued employee. John's personal life is going well, too. He's in a steady relationship and is hoping to purchase a home soon. 

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