In action, the Parents and Families (PaF) program can be very creative. 

The winter school holiday program included a therapeutic talking circle mixed with a game of giant Jenga and Lowenstein strength cards. 

Another featured "buffer sword" light sabres being crafted by four children of an Aboriginal family who lived in three different households. One child, Daniel, decorated his light sabre in the Aboriginal flag colours, which prompted further discussion in the family about identity with country and mobs in their family heritage. 

Daniel and the other children spoke of their experience with racism, with each sharing experiences of being "looked at funny" or "talked about behind their backs" which had an accumulated impact of not feeling welcome. 

Daniel and his family celebrated another child who was elected Indigenous leader for his class at school, and their younger sibling wanting to follow in these footsteps. The Family Therapist provided positive feedback regarding the leadership each child showed at being connected to culture and standing proud. 

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