We believe that a person’s future can be different from their past, so the concept of a ‘second’ chance resonates with us. However, that term is a bit of a misnomer for those people who didn’t get much of a ‘first’ chance to begin with, people such as Jordan.

From a young age, Jordan had been in and out of prison. A lack of consistent educational opportunities resulted in Jordan struggling to read and write. Throughout the years, he experienced periods of unemployment and substance abuse.

When Jordan first became involved in our Second Chance Jobs program, he was hesitant, and nervous. The emotional weight he carried from his past was difficult for him, and at the same time it motivated him to forge a meaningful future for himself and his family.

As with most things in life, there is paperwork to be completed, and signing up for the Second Chance Jobs program is no different. However, for Jordan, his limited literacy left him challenged to provide the information required as part of the intake process. Our Second Chance Jobs team stepped in right away to help.

 As Jordan moved through the Second Chance Jobs program, his confidence and communications skills grew. His eagerness to learn and move forward was evident. In time, Jordan’s Second Chance Jobs case manager connected him with supportive employer, Fruit 2 Work.

Having successfully secured a job with Fruit 2 Work, Jordan cried tears of joy and gratitude, this was a major achievement. He said it “transformed his life”. Jordan’s commitment to his job has not gone unnoticed. Feedback from the Fruit 2 Work team is that Jordan is a highly valued member of the team. He is recognised for his strong work ethic and dedication to his job. Jordan is considered one of their best workers.

Jordan has now successfully completed the 12-month Second Chance Jobs program. Not only does this mark his transition out of the program, but it also marks the longest time Jordan has been out of prison, and the longest time that he’s worked nearly full time! Jordan has worked hard to transform his life and create a new narrative for his future. Along the way, our Second Chance Jobs case manager supported Jordan and his employer.

Jordan’s ‘second chance’ was hard earned. He has built a life that he and his supportive partner are proud of. When Jordan and his partner reflect on his experience in the Second Chance Jobs program they speak about the joy and pride they now feel about their future together. Jordan and his partner, along with sharing a young son, they are now living together and sharing a mortgage. Together, they have created a stable foundation for their young son– a ‘first chance’ - that Jordan didn’t have when he was young.

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